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Kitchen cutting boards

The importance of a cutting board in the preparation of a delicious meal.

A cutting board is the single most important tool of the kitchen which can serve many purposes. From providing a place for chopping to presenting a complete meal, it is useful in every stage. It is no less vital than the knife of the chef and is the single most used kitchen implement. Cutting boards have the advantage of serving twin purposes of protection when cutting and as hot plates on which the food may be arranged and subsequently served. Possession of at least two boards is necessary and more in the range of four to five is common to accommodate diverse purposes. We suggest that two wooden cutting boards are the minimum necessity for every kitchen. This prevents bacterial cross contamination as one can be used for fruits, bread, vegetable and similar foods while the other for poultry, fish and meat.

We are proud to say that all our cutting boards are made in the USA from FSC approved hardwood.

Why use a cutting board?

Because it is the single safest way to keep your food safe from cross contamination (such as bacteria from raw meat getting into your fresh vegetables), and of course protect your counters and knife blades.

For that reason you should never use the same surface for different foods. Ideally, use two boards, wash between uses, or at the very least minimum use the reverse side. Also, always start with fresh vegetables, and finish with by preparing the meat. Finally, as recommended by the Journal of Environmental Health, never place any kitchen items on the cutting board such as tin foil and plastic wrap boxes. Only the food and knife, making sure to keep all food pieces on the board so that you do not contaminate the countertop or cutting board.


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